Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

EP164: Nick Shackelford: The Future Marketing Landscape

April 05, 2022 Jason Portnoy Season 1 Episode 164
Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy
EP164: Nick Shackelford: The Future Marketing Landscape
Show Notes

The marketing industry of today looks almost nothing like it did less than a decade ago. The wealth of new tools and platforms, new expectations, and changes in the market have forced agencies to adapt—or get left behind. But despite the trends and the many changes, agencies still have a place on the playing field. If you want to know where they fit in the future of marketing, our guest today is here to lay it out for you.

We’re welcoming back our (unofficial) Perfectly Mentored Podcast co-host—Nick Shackelford! It’s his third time on the show, but we’re still just as excited to have him. He’s a brilliant business leader, and one of the world’s most successful e-commerce and Facebook marketers. Nick is the current managing partner of Structured, a highly-collaborative DTC digital marketing agency.

In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Nick Shackelford joins Jason Portnoy to share his thoughts on the current state of marketing, building in public, and the changing role of agencies and marketers. Welcome back, Nick!

Topics Covered:

  • What is the current state of DTC and online marketing right now? [2:40]
  • Have we all been spoiled or is everything just suddenly changing fast? [7:12]
  • How do you lead your agency in today’s age? [10:55]
  • How do you manage all of these moving parts that come with running an agency? [16:34]
  • What’s your take on the importance of agencies? [21:04]
  • Do you believe that agencies will continue to have a purpose? [25:55]
  • Do you think brands are going to start doing things themselves, rather than working with agencies? [30:55]
  • Are some people better off working for others than starting their own businesses? [36:50]
  • What made you decide to build in public? [42:49]
  • The two hardest parts about building in public. [46:42]
  • The pros and cons of being fully transparent online. [51:32]
  • How do you become a better communicator? [55:08]
  • What leadership qualities do you think you have to learn to get your team to the next level? [59:25]
  • What differences in leadership style do you need to make to get from 0 to now, and now to the next level? [1:01:28]
  • The most important, lucrative technical skill that people need to learn in marketing? [1:03:35]

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