Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

Jay Abraham: Is Business Simple?

July 03, 2023 Jason Portnoy
Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy
Jay Abraham: Is Business Simple?
Show Notes

" better be able to show really compelling reasons why whatever you're selling and however you're, and how, whatever you're offering now, what are your offering now overcomes that and it's more, it's more, uh, desirable, pragmatic, profitable, economic to do it now than in the future..."

In this episode of Perfectly Mentored, we dive into the world of business with a renowned expert, Jay Abraham, who has the ability to simplify complex concepts and provide practical solutions. Jason and Jay explore the notion of overcomplicating business strategies and the importance of focusing on fundamental principles. Jay shares insights into his proven methodologies for business growth and emphasizes the significance of effective strategy over tactics.

Topics Covered  

  •  Overcomplicate business [00:11]
  •  Simple and effective business strategies [00:58]
  •  People's obsession  [02:10]
  • Lack of action and commitment [03:23] 
  • Foundations of building a proper business [04:23] 
  • Business principles [05:40]
  • Jay's experiences  [07:10] 
  •  Adapting to economic downturns and recessions [09:08]
  • Psychological challenges in a down market [10:10] 
  • Overcoming challenges [12:09] 
  • The true value and cost of marketing efforts [12:51]

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