Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

EP142: Steven Sashen: "Running" a Business

September 21, 2021 Jason Portnoy Season 1 Episode 142
Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy
EP142: Steven Sashen: "Running" a Business
Show Notes

Building a successful brand is no magic trick—at least, not in the way you think. There are no magic words for instant success; behind the curtain, it’s all about working hard and working smart. You need to have an idea, but more than that, you need to know how to sustain the passion that made you start the business in the first place, and hone in on what you’re good at. 

Steven Sashen is no stranger to what goes on behind the scenes. He is the founder, creator, and visionary behind Xero Shoes, the first lightweight, barefoot-inspired sandals in the market. The inspiration behind his signature minimalist footwear comes from his experiences. Steven found that running barefoot helped with his injuries and running gait—even allowing him to become a Masters All-American sprinter—and wanted shoes that kept the barefoot experience. His shoes later gained even more popularity on Shark Tank, the show where business owners pitch their ideas to investors, the “sharks.”

He was offered $400,000 for 50% of Xero Shoes but, in a move that shocked many, turned it down. In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Steven shares his insights on how he turned his rejection into a bigger opportunity for his brand. Join us as he shares his story as a lifelong entrepreneur: from his beginnings as a magician and comedian to experience on Shark Tank, and how he created a life-changing brand that positively impacted the world.

Topics Covered:

  • The similarity of magic and entrepreneurship. [7:05]
  • You were a stand-up comic and a magician. What do you think prepared you more in the business world? [10:04]
  • What's your advice to the entrepreneurs right now who think that they have the idea? [18:57]
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make. [37:00]
  • The digital age keeps going...and how that’s changed perspectives. [45:14]
  • Steven’s experience of rejecting the deal on Shark Tank. [49:17]

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