Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

EP149: Josh Elizetxe: The Key to Scaling Your Business Both On and Offline

November 09, 2021 Jason Portnoy Season 1 Episode 149
Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy
EP149: Josh Elizetxe: The Key to Scaling Your Business Both On and Offline
Show Notes

If you’re a business owner looking to achieve consistent growth in a competitive and crowded market, there are two things you need to do to succeed. The first is to come up with a range of unique, innovative products. And second, create awareness on various social media networks using a carefully crafted marketing strategy. But it can’t be that simple—can it?

Well, Josh Elizetxe makes it simple for us today. Josh is no stranger to the world of business and marketing—or to the Perfectly Mentored Podcast. As an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of Snow Teeth Whitening, his expertise in product development and influencer marketing is second to none, and he is arguably the most well-loved guest we’ve ever had on the show. 

In this episode, Josh Elizetxe makes his highly-anticipated third appearance to tell us about his recent ventures and give us some valuable, actionable advice on innovation and scaling a business right in today’s competitive environment.

Topics Covered:

  • What's been in the works? [1:25]
  • How important is it to add more variety to your products? [5:42]
  • How does building an online brand look like now, and how is it going to look in 2022? [15:39]
  • Josh’s thoughts on the current time, where profitability on customer acquisition is nearing impossible. [22:53]
  • If you had to build a brand now, with all the experience and knowledge you have now, what would your strategy be? [28:04]
  • With consumers getting smarter at spotting ads, how has influencer marketing changed and what’s the strategy now? [33:53]
  • What’s the roadmap for scaling to 7-figures and beyond? [41:18]
  • Is Amazon the right play for brands?  [44:36]
  • The importance of compounding for business growth? [55:00]
  • How Josh stays on top of business trends. [1:00:39]
  • One platform you can’t do without if you want to grow your business. [1:02:45]
  • The best book for entrepreneurs. [1:03:00]
  • The best and the worst advice Josh has ever received. [1:03:10]
  • One work-related app that you can’t live without. [1:05:10]
  • Josh’s biggest regret in his journey. [1:05:25]

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