Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

EP155: Taylor Welch: Landing Clients and Building Wealth

December 21, 2021 Jason Portnoy Season 1 Episode 155
Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy
EP155: Taylor Welch: Landing Clients and Building Wealth
Show Notes

Getting rich and building wealth are two different things. Getting rich and making money is all about doing the right things while building wealth is about owning the right things. True wealth is about owning something valuable, whether it’s a tangible thing that increases in value over time or happiness and fulfillment. 

Most people think these are the same thing, and they end up having plans to get rich—but stay clueless about how to build wealth. Luckily, Taylor Welch is here to provide us with some valuable insights!

Taylor grew a business from nothing to 8 figures in just 10 months—and is now the CEO and founder of five multi-8 figure business brands across various industries, from online services to real estate to staffing! He has advised and serviced nearly 50,000 different businesses around the world.

In today’s episode, Taylor Welch shares some nuggets of wisdom that will change the way we think about money, how we handle business and finance, and even dive a little into NFTs and the metaverse. Stay tuned for one of our most eye-opening episodes yet!

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Taylor Welch? [0:23]
  • Taylor’s background and entrepreneurial journey. [1:11]
  • Do you think the online marketing landscape has changed dramatically since you first launched? [5:14]
  • What are the foundations of landing clients that haven’t and won’t change regardless of what happens? [7:10]
  • Is it possible to truly make money on the acquisition on platforms like Facebook without a back-end in place? [10:07]
  • Taylor’s thoughts on bad marketing information and the idealization of advertising platforms as “magic pills” for business. [12:30]
  • What are NFTs all about? [15:53]
  • Taylor’s perspectives and strategy when it comes to investing in NFTs. [21:34]
  • Fixing your mindset and seeing the metaverse as a real place. [25:11]
  • Is it a good idea to switch from buying real estate in the physical world to buying real estate in the metaverse? [29:36]
  • Where is the best place to start learning about NFTs and the metaverse? [30:36]
  • What is the right money mindset? [31:27]
  • Are most people operating from a scarcity mindset regarding money? [33:01]
  • What’s the difference between getting rich and building wealth? [33:13]
  • What’s the game plan for building wealth today? [34:26]
  • Are NFTs high-risk at the moment? [37:07]
  • For someone listening right now with money to invest, should they start with real estate or an NFT? [37:16]
  • Taylor’s thoughts on the value of life insurance and compounding. [38:11]
  • What are Taylor’s thoughts on legacy and helping people at a cost? [40:10]

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